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New work, and a tragic loss…

Posted in older posts on May 10, 2011 by fremithi

Reality part 1

As a child, I’d often wonder, and dream about all the interesting places that must lie hidden away from daily existence. I figured there must be countless strange spaces everywhere. Later on, I dreamt about them, too. Strange places I would enter like caves, mysterious endless tunnels leading to new and hidden worlds. In my work I want to recreate that feeling of wonder and fear when  entering a new and unexplored world.

Gateways to these hidden places can be found in urban environments: traffic signal controllers, those grey control boxes near intersections, doors in the basement of abandoned buildings, sewer systems, or other kinds of tunnels like underground railway systems. In a way, the dynamic  environments above are shaping  these hidden worlds that lie beneath them. They are linked in a certain way.

Due to a terrible misunderstanding, the work shown below is lost. All that exists are these pictures, and my subconsciousness, of course…

The project shown below I made in the Fine Arts school building on the Prinsessegracht, The Hague.

The walls of the staircase represent two different dimensions, like the architecture of a time machine. This Time Machine, or Gateway, could be used to enter a Hidden Place.  It was made during  the Spring of 2011, with markers, oilbars, spray can, and oil paint on paper. Dimensions approx. 6 metres long  by  3 metres high. Unfortunately, this work is also lost.

definitve Time machine 1

definitive Time machine 2

definitive Time Machine

definitive Time Machine 4

Below you can see the work under construction:






Update: (21-05-2011)

And update 30-05-2011