Possibilities of the unknown

Untitled 1 (2012), 200x150cm, oilbar and acrylic on canvas

One of the things that keeps my clock ticking is the inability  to fully know or comprehend what is out there. That state of slight fear and expectation, while descending into the ultimate mystery of existence is one of the emotions I tried to put into this work.

Untitled 2 (2012), 200x230cm, pressed charcoal on paper

The concept of a Chimera, an ancient Greek mythological beast crafted (or welded?) together from parts of different animals intrigues me. In ancient times often a harbinger of disaster, a modern age Chimera could be some sort of doomsday machine. It could be lurking in your veins, or float above your head in the sky…





2 Responses to “Possibilities of the unknown”

  1. Amazingly complex and intriguing

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