Teufelsberg Berlin: Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013


During the Tag des Offenen Denkmals in Berlin 2013 at the Teufelsberg, former NSA-site, Fremithi participated with this mural, it measures about 200 x 300 cm. It was made as part of a quest for the mystery surrounding the transition to the afterlife. What happens when we die? Where does the soul go? And how is the pineal gland, deep inside the brain, involved in this process?  Descartes called this tiny organ the Third Eye. The pineal gland might play an important role during the dying process, to ease the transition of the Self from its physical confinement into the realm of ethereal consciousness. It might act as a sort of gateway for the soul.

Inside the former NSA-spying complex from the Cold War, the mural remains hidden. Only those who seek to find it during the guided tours that are conducted throughout the year, will be rewarded with a glance into another reality.

more infos: http://www.berlinsightout.de/ausstellung.htm

An impression from the Teufelsberg site:




2 Responses to “Teufelsberg Berlin: Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013”

  1. Rixt Lothein Says:

    a truly celestial vessel for the soul; what a great RIP

  2. It gave me goosebumps in a positive way!

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